Patrick Batarilo

I’m a freelance journalist, a writer and a trainer for Deutsche Welle Akademie. I have studied cultural studies and theater in Berlin, France and the US. I have worked as an editor for German public radio (SWR) where I still host a radio show on a regular basis. As a documentary maker for public radio I have traveled extensively, for instance to Morocco, West Africa, Turkey, Israel, Mexico, Vietnam, and Argentina. For German public television (ARD) I was the author of a TV-documentary project about the German artist Bertolt Brecht; I have also worked as a TV-reporter for "3sat Kulturzeit" (a Swiss/Austrian/German culture program). I have written two non-fiction books about cultural topics (one about "shame & embarrassment", the other about "self-optimizing“, including a critical comment on technology-based self-enhancement), as well as historical novel for children. 

Coming to Accra to combine tro-tro power and mobile journalism, to listen, learn and to share!