John Marvin Gakunyi Wainaina
CEO and Founder

I am the CEO and Founder of Mobile Journalism Africa in Kenya where I am the team leader of student journalists gearing to change how narratives are told. Our vision is to be the leading source of news and stories that do not see the broad daylight of mainstream media. At Mobile Journalism, we argue that it's not always what bleeds that leads. In our quest to change how narratives are told we purpose to equip students ( and other interested parties and individuals ) pursing media studies with mobile journalism tools and how to use their smartphones to tell stories. I've studied Journalism and Mass Communication at Moi University Main Campus in Kenya. Out of passion I've also studied digital marketing and google ads on Udemy. Our slogan as has always been Our Stories Are Best Told By Us. In my views we should not call them smartphones as journalists but pocket studios or walking editorial rooms.