As the Federal Ministry of Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) we already use digital technologies in our projects – from simple apps for pest detection on plants in Tunisia to the use of Internet of Things solutions in order to generate reliable weather data and hence to contribute to the prevention of food shortages. Simultaneously we want to include people from developing countries more into the global debates on digital topics and issues. Since not everyone is part of the conversation yet. Now powered by the BMZ the re:publica is taking the step to Accra. We want to talk with Africa in Africa!

Already at re:publica in Berlin in 2018, BMZ sent out a strong signal with its own Topic "Tech for Good". The speakers of the different sessions discussed for example whether the use of Big Data, Blockchain or Open Source Software solutions contribute to greater efficiency, transparency and equality globally.

Our Topic "Tech for Good" provides a stage to people, who focus on the opportunities of digitization to solve global problems. This enriching exchange between all players of the digital society from the global South and North is now going to be continued and deepened at the first re:publica in Africa!
We also support sessions in the Topics “Female” and “Data”: HerStory - Insights from Female Leaders and Tackling Financial Crime: Open and Big Data for Investigative Journalism

At re:publica Accra we would like to discuss current topics of the digital society in Africa and Germany and exchange experiences. As the digital revolution consists of many possibilities and controversies it is time for Tech for Good!

The Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) coordinates the German development cooperation. The focus in the digital sector lies on building digital centers, applying technological innovation for sustainable development and fostering public private partnership with the digital economy.