Sename Koffi Agbodjinou
Founder, Catalyst

Architect and anthropologist, Sénamé Koffi Agbodjinou is the creator of the collaborative research platform on the issues of architecture and the African city 'L'Africaine d'architecture'. Founder and catalyst at WoeLabs, the network of Togolese grassroots techhubs whose ambition is to "make everyone equal in the face of technology" and in which he helped to launch the dozen shared companies of the #silliconvillage Group. Sename has been elected since 2017 to the Ashoka Foundation's prestigious fellowship program for social entrepreneurs.

Born February 8, 1980 in Lomé, Sénamé Koffi Agbodjinou is an architect and anthropologist by training. After a long experience in humanitarian construction, he creates the platform L'Africaine d'architecture in the idea of "Rooted Modernity" whose ambition is to provide the conceptual means of an architectural alternative valuing the canons, dynamics and resources own to the social environment. He is project manager, in 2006, charged with building the Tammari School, school complex for 200 children, earthen made with mixed techniques involving the population and the tamberma builders (North of Togo, World Heritage of the UNESCO).
He becomes a defender of a "digital vernacular", in 2012 when he believes to identify a similarity between “Hacker Ethics” and the values of traditional African societies. He develops the #LowHighTech concept to emphasize this proximity and to consider an original approach to innovation issues involving the lowest layers. HubCité vernacular smart city project, WoeLab grassroot incubator and the W.Afate (the first African 3D printer and built with computer waste) are the best ambassadors for this vision of society. Sénamé leads the network of WoeLabs (African Spaces of Technological Democracy), atypical places that make it possible to pool intelligences and mix different populations adopting practices with low environmental impact. He mentors a community of about thirty young boarders, co-partners of the dozen local collaboratives and bootstrapped businesses, of the #SiliconVilla program. Another program # 3DprintAfrica whose pilot phase, like everything that is ongoing at WoeLab is deployed in a radius of one km around it, brings fast prototyping technologies into schools and cyber-cafes with this concern that Africa do not get left behind on the "next Industrial Revolution".