Juliet Sakyi-Ansah
Founder + Lead

Juliet Sakyi-Ansah is a practising British architect at a Birmingham-based firm in the UK. She consults at Studio Oasa Architecture and is a Visiting Tutor at the Birmingham School of Architecture and Design.

Juliet’s interests are in technology, design and the environment. She spearheads The Architects’ Project, a social enterprise she pioneered in Accra in December 2013. Her current work here is focused on Narratives, a semi-academic publication space for research and projects exploring new and emerging ways of practice (thinking and making); and for presenting opinions on planning, politics and policy in the field.

Juliet serves on the board of non-profit organisation RADeF (Rural Africa Development Foundation), having previously served on the Advisory Board for Nka Foundation Projects.

She joins the Real Estate and Land Policy research group at the School of the Built Environment; and the Place, Culture and Identity group at the School of Architecture in 2019 at Oxford Brookes University. Here, Juliet will carry out research on the topic ‘BIM-Based Capacity Building for Sustainable Housing Upgrading in Informal Settlements.’