Sesinam Dagadu

Before returning to Ghana in late 2013 Sesinam or Ses as his friends know him was working with the British Police under the Digital and Electronics Forensic Service (DEFS), where he built cutting edge electronic tools for use in electronic forensics and worked on some of the most high profile cases in modern Met history. He also has a past building mission critical, life-saving equipment in the automotive and military sectors for Jaguar Land Rover and the US and British Militaries respectively. He was born in Burma Camp, Accra and has previously lived in Israel and London.

Today Sesinam is the founder of tinyDAVID the creator of SnooCODE, a resilient and reliable addressing system for the developing world to improve service delivery and identification while improving job prospects at the bottom of the socioeconomic pyramid His stated professional objectives are “to solve problems and to make new things possible”