Stage 2
13:45 - 14:15
Hack to the Future: How to be Part of Ghana's Cybersecurity Journey

Short thesis

Ghana has records of various security breaches since 2005, most organizations keep things in the hush to avoid embarrassing front page stories, while some do the bare minimum for compliance. This means there are still a plethora of businesses which can suffer financial and reputation damages in the wild. This talk would be an overview of resources that could be utilized by stakeholders to ensure they are part of cybersecurity movement which is picking up it's paces in Ghana.


With the rise of internal and external hackers targeting businesses in Africa, Ghana has been no exception to suffer from a fare share over the years.
While it's a known fact that most businesses don't report these type of attacks due to reputation damages, it's imperative that they acknowledge the problem and apply effective defense mechanisms to protect their digital assets.

In this talk, a potential leapfroging will be explored on lessons that we can learn from others who've been down this route already, mostly in the so called "Western" world.

While giving some stats on where Ghana stands in terms of its Cybersecurity readiness and defining the need, this session would also incorporate exploring ideas/tools/resources on how individuals and businesses can make a positive contribution to the cyber security ecosystem in Ghana.

As the government has been adding their voice by throwing their weight behind Cyber Security month for past 5 years and trying their best via various channels to cement regulations and policies, it's essentially down to individual stakeholders to welcome these initiatives with open arms and go further.