Ash Dastmalchi
Head of Cybersecurity
Ash Dastmalchi

Ash is a seasoned Cyber Security professional that has been delivering IT and security projects within a variety of private & public sectors in UK, Europe & West Africa. 

His experiences as a cyber-security professional includes working with leading Banks, Telcos, Retails, Gambling as well as Oil and Gas companies. These were in various technical and managerial capacities, such as: Assisting with internal fraud investigations; drafting cyber security guidelines for central bank; setting up various systems such as SIEM/SOC, NAC, Honeytrap, PKI, PIM, etc. ; Performing extensive penetration testing; Running application security assessment on 100+ websites and mobile apps; Holding security awareness training sessions and working closely with CERT in Ghana. 


Having achieved great results in MSc Security systems and technologies from Sussex University, Ash has a great passion about the Information security and is constantly investing a great deal of time to building, breaking and defending IT and security systems.


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