Akwaaba: A guide through 10 fun-things to do in Accra – Part 2


Photo Credits: Akwaaba

We’ve already shared a few tips with you in our first Accra guide. With only 2 days left before rpAccra kicks off, we’re delighted to share the second part of our Accra guide.

5. Treasure the peaceful escape: Aburi Botanical Gardens
Located in the tranquill town of Aburi are the Aburi Botanical Gardens, a peaceful getaway from bustling Accra. It was set up in the 19th Century by the British and to this day, it is a well-groomed garden covered with indigenous variety of trees for you to discover the park on your own, or have a guided tour where you learn about the park, its history and different tree species. Bird and butterfly watchers can feast their eyes on the various species that populate and beautify the garden. It's a great place to picnic, or simply have a quiet lunch in a restaurant while being surrounded by nature.

6. Discover the wildlife: Shai Hills Reserve
The City of Accra can feel like a crowded concrete jungle at times with little to no green to satisfy the sight. Reconnect with nature by visiting Shai Hills Reserve, a 45-minute drive from Accra. Since its establishment in 1971, the natural reserve conserves wildlife and cultural sites of the indigenous people who once lived there. With a guided tour, you can trek through the reserve and spot zebras, exotic birds, baboons, green monkeys and much more wildlife, while enjoying a rich and natural scenery. And rest assured: Shai Hills Reserve is picnic certified!

7. Enjoy the sugar rush: Authentic ‘57 chocolate tasting
Did you know that at least 20% of the world’s cocoa comes from Ghana? As Ghana’s unofficial national treasure and biggest export crop, the cocoa bean is the gift that keeps on giving! And with a growth in the Ghanaian chocolate industry, ritzy activities such as chocolate tastings are popping up in the capital city. Such is the ‘57 Chocolate tasting sessions, started by two local sisters in their shop in Legon. Chocoholics can enjoy a day filled with games and an info session on the production of chocolate, from bean to bar. Book your session early.

8. Embrace the heritage: The National Museum
Ghana, also known as “The Gold Coast” has a rich and winding history from various tribes, colourful jewelry, indigenous instruments, along with the start of Middle Passage. Check out the National Museum that tells the story of Ghana in three ways: from the archaeological, ethnographical and artistic aspect, while showcasing the core characteristics of Ghana and its inhabitants, present and past, through artifacts and artwork.

9. Walk in history: Christiansborg Castle
Accra is not only rich in culture, but also in history. Christiansborg Castle, also better known as Osu Castle captures this best. The castle is an old Danish slave/trade fort built in 1661 and holds historical significance for the present Ghana as we know it today and as well as the past, most importantly serving as the seat of government in Ghana. Shai Hills, Black Star Square and the beach behind it are walking distances from each other in Osu.

10. Take your Taste Buds on an Explorative Journey
There is never a dull moment in Accra, and the same can be said about its restaurant and café scene. With a mix of local and continental options, the choices are endless. Here our personal selection:

  • Eat local at Buka, where you can enjoy traditional Ghanaian and Nigerian food such as banku, jollof, yam, plantain and beans in a quite local setting.
  • Cowork at Pinocchio, where you can catch up on some work, Skype your friends to tell them about the amount of fun you are having in Accra, or simply enjoy really good gelato, pastries or waffles. It’s always Tea Time at Tea baa, where you can enjoy a mix of local and continental dishes, while sipping on some home-brewed teas.
  • Afterwards, wow your eyes with an amazing 360 view of Accra from Skybar 25, while enjoying cocktails that are to die for!
  • Craving for some good Italian made pizza or pasta with a Tuscany-esque scenery mixed with African vibes, then Mama Mia Pizzeria is the place to be! The jovial Italian chef and a luscious wine make for a great relaxing evening.
  • For those who have a lust for life and love for the beach make your way to Sandbox Beach Club. The apperatives are to rave about, the food is delicious and the beach makes you forget all your worries.
  • If you have had all the fun in world at re:publica Accra and want to recharge your batteries, then Café Kwae is calling you. This spot is inspiring a wave of fascination with coffee shops, and it has become the go-to place for the hip and young who want zone out the city while enjoying a good cup of coffee.

Now, you should be all set with helpful tips and tricks to navigate during #rpAccra. You made the right call coming to the very first edition of re:publica on the continent of opportunity, and you definitely made the right choice coming to the darling of Africa, Accra!


Author: Immaculee Agbedanou