Akwaaba: A guide through 10 fun things to do next #rpAccra - Part 1

Photo Credit: Seun Adatsi

By now, we trust you have sorted out your ticket for re:publica Accra, made the necessary arrangements for your visit and taken a look at the programme, only wondering what activities to pack for, or… you are simply curious about what this fast-paced yet fascinating city has in store for you? Then start your countdown, because here are 10 exciting things to do in Accra! Lets start with our Part 1.

1. Be in the hotspot: Osu, Oxford Street

As the Metropolitan city of Accra, Osu is considered the heartbeat of Accra. This close-knit coastal network of urban neighbourhoods is home to one of the busiest street in Accra, Oxford Street. Walking through this street you feel the vibrance and vim of Accra. It is dynamic, cultural, and works like a magnet on the young, wild and free! With a host of restaurants, cafes, art and crafts stalls, casino’s, street food stalls, boutiques and clubs, Oxford Street is the place to be on every day of the week! And the best part, it is accessible to all. Whether you take a Taxify or Uber, catch a Trotro (legendary public minibus), take a taxi or simply walk (depending on how close you are), a trip to Oxford Street shouldn't be a hassle. By the way: If you plan to get around Accra with Taxify, use the RPACCRA discount code to get a 50% discount on all rides during #rpAccra.

2. Get hip in Jamestown

Located east of Korle Lagoon, and South of the Gulf of Guinea is one of the oldest districts in Accra, known as Jamestown.This fisherman town is rising to hipster enclave status, because of its pull on the creative community and its mix of old and new artifacts. Walk along the High Street, discover the Brazil House, home to the alternative music, video and art scene in Accra, and take in the ruins at Ussher Fort. See Accra in a new light as you climb the Lighthouse that gives you good view of the town as well as the sea, and drink a cold beer while enjoying the breeze of the Atlantic Ocean at Osekan Beach Resort. Make sure you make your way to Jamestown Café, a repurposed colonial-era warehouse, where you can enjoy exhibitions and live performances while you take in the scenery.

3. Get lost in Makola Market

Accra’s biggest open-air market, with an overflow of goods, people, sounds, entertainment and hustle, where you can easily get sucked into the crowd and before you know it, you are buying colourful beads you don’t really need. Makola Market is the place to be if you want to experience the vibrancy of Accra while shopping for about anything you want, and bargaining your prices as you see fit. With no specified categories of shops and spots for your necessities, you will have to navigate this labyrinth of people and stalls until you find what you are looking for. But rest assured, the shopaholics among us will walk away with more than they bargained for.

4. The Shop Accra, Global Mama and Arts Centre

If you want a more curated space filled with goods that you know will make for the best gifts, then The Shop Accra is the place to be. Jewellery, fashion, Ghanaian memorabilia, and even juices and smoothies are among the cool offerings you can find here. Are you a big fan of handcrafted goods, then this work shop curated by artisans, Wild Gecko Handicrafts, will be a good fit. You can find collectibles, furniture, handbags, art etc, all handmade. Located behind Koala in Osu is Global Mamas, it offers colourful clothing, accessories and home goods for people who have a zest for life! And we must not forget Centre for National Culture, better known as Arts Centre. It is the marketplace for young up-and-coming artists who want to sell their craft at a good price. Once you walk into this space, you are bombarded with handcrafted art, drums, bags, sandals, sculptures, rugs and antiques, and the urgency to make a purchase, as each of these art pieces carry their own unique story.

By Immaculée Agbedanou, Impact Hub Accra