Gbenga Fola-Alade
CTO/ Co-Founder
Gbenga Fola-Alade re:publica Accra 2018

Gbenga is an innovative technologist with a passion for developing digital solutions that disrupt traditional business processes in African industries.

He is the CTO of Vocoa - an agritech startup providing bookkeeping and credit score services for smallholder cocoa farmers in Ghana. Through working as the CTO, he spearheaded the development of an alternative credit scoring system for the farmers using agricultural diaries and artificial neural network models.

Gbenga has also worked as a software development consultant. Using his technicals skills, he helps SMEs in Africa design, execute, manage and optimize enterprise processes to improve operational efficiency and customer engagement through building websites and mobile applications that cater to stakeholder's immediate needs.

He is an Alumnus of Lancaster University Ghana and the co-founder of Baking Intelligence - the first online learning platform for enterprising bakers in Africa.