Put Up Your Hand!

Short thesis

Got an idea for a change you want to see in your community concerning women and girls? Tell us during re:publica Accra! During our mobile campaign, we will scout the venue and approach you to raise your hand to a cause you believe in. Be part of the coolest digital visual album during re:publica and win some amazing SWAG as well.


Do you want to bottle it down inside or let it out?
Aren’t you tired of keeping it to yourself?
Burst it out in designs
Burst it out in photos
Burst it out in writing
Are you ready to commit to change? Ready to make an impact? Ready to expose issues of abortion, rape, teenage pregnancy, male dominance in politics, engineering, technology, etc?
Did you say you want to wait? Till when? Time waits for no man, they say.

With a marker or paint brush, write or draw your idea for change in your hand and pose for a photo with your hand put up.
All photos will be compiled into a digital visual album which will serve as recommendations for policy making surrounding African women and girls, hence promoting inclusion.

Our Women and Girls Matter!
Say Cheese to a Cause!

This session is an ongoing activity that will take place continuously on both days.