Stage 2
15:00 - 16:00
Made in Africa, Coming to America: Distribution in the Digital Age

Short thesis

The realities of (digital) distribution make it more practical and more profitable for a Ghanaian startup to explore e-commerce in the USA than retail opportunities in other West African countries. This reality is detrimental to pan-African mutual development and to our understanding of what we are capable of on the continent. What precisely are these challenges? How do we ensure that African markets come into their economic power together?


This session will be a panel discussion with other entrepreneurs in Ghana regarding the realities of (digital) distribution and its impacts on how and where and with whom we decide to sell our products - and why distribution in the States may make more sense than in other African countries. We will begin with a brief presentation of the work we do and how our work relates to the discussion topic.

Panelists, sharing their particular expertise and experience, will enter into a free-form exploration of the following:

  • The role of digital technology in distribution (e-commerce / app and website based subscription services)
  • Key distribution challenges on the continent and overseas (shipping / fulfillment / tax / corruption)
  • Key motivations for exploring trade outside of the continent (market size / fulfillment mechanisms)
  • Engagement and enhancement of new or existing technologies for distribution on the continent (apps / rider delivery services etc)
  • The meaning of pan-Africanism / pan-African mutual development and how it relates to business / distribution

The audience will be invited to ask questions and particularly to give their feedback on why it may (or may not) be important to consider and enhance mutual-development between African countries.