Stage 3
16:15 - 17:15
LawTech Nexus: A Legal & Regulatory Framework for a Digital Africa

Short thesis

The nexus between law and tech is strange, albeit exciting! What would the world look like if lawyers fully understood tech and embedded it in the delivery of justice? What if techies fully understood law and built their products incorporating data privacy by design, meeting potential venture partners in between the lines? Would the African digital space be a better place if intellectual property rights wasn't just paper rights? What is the Africa Digital Africa Frameworks?


We will walk you through a GDPR for Africa and what African regulators can do to spur innovation and entrepreneurship in the digital space and why taxation for internet use in certain African countries would stiffle innovation and access to Justice as well.

We will expound on concepts such as data privacy by design, review of term sheets before meeting potential venture partners, intellectual property rights and ICOs in Africa, including the Africa Digital Africa Frameworks and its complementary role to the Continental Free trade agreement.