Workshop Room
12:30 - 13:30
Creative Commons: Increasing the Reach of the Arts Industry through Open Licencing

Short thesis

The arts (music, film, sculpture, painting, etc) industry in Ghana suffers limited reach, this is due to the fact that there is lack of knowledge about alternative forms of licensing to practitioners and stakeholders. Most actors in the space are often aware and use the traditional forms of licensing (copyright), the knowledge on what pertains is limited. This session seeks to introduce the audience to alternatives forms of licensing (copyleft) and its benefits to increase the reach of the arts.


Actors in the arts industry often subject licensing to only copyright whereas there are other forms of licensing that allows certain permissions in advance to the user to ensure easy sharing of the artists work while still retaining some rights of the work. The session will seek to educate and clear such misconceptions in the minds of the audience while introducing participants to these alternative licensing.

The focus will be to train users about these licenses, how to adopt them in their work and to ensure easy accessibility to their work without limiting its users. The content of the session will be extended to cover all forms of intellectual property and so could benefit users even out of the arts industry (software developers, media personnel, etc.)