Having access is the base for any digitization process, access to energy, infrastructure, hardware and affordable Internet. We are going to discuss forward looking concepts how to connect the unconnected. We are going to demonstrate practical solutions from Community Wireless Networks to Public Wifi initiatives.

Afro-futurism is about giving fantastical glimpses into what the future could look like. It embraces technology not just as an equalizer but as a tool to push a progressive artistic and cultural agenda. We will explore how to break the mold, defy boundaries and overcome the current way society remains unequal - be it through class, tribe, race, gender – using Afro-futurism as a vehicle to bridge the gap between what it is and what could be.

Data, or rather how to use our ability to gather and process data for the advancing of our societies is one of the central topics of our time. We are covering a wide range of topics around data politics: how to employ artificial intelligence in the public sector, surveillance through non-coessential data gathering, tracking, privacy rights and GDPR, as well as open data and its use in journalism.

We live in wasteful societies and even though digitization creates the space for the immaterial being it also contributes to physical waste. With a range of formats from practical workshops, a documentary film and panel discussions we are going to address the topic of e-waste management, upcycling, the maker movement and digital manufacturing.

Tech for Good
The Topic "Tech for Good" looks for inspiring contributions and asks: Does digitization provide access to education for all? Are start-ups able to save the world? Will smart sensors and apps increase the efficiency in agriculture? How can for example big data, blockchain or open source software solutions contribute to greater efficiency, transparency and equality worldwide?

The sessions can provide examples of solutions and success stories, but also discuss the challenges and risks associated with digital change. We would like to provide a stage amongst others to visionaries, techies, makers, developers, experts, innovators and creative minds from the African continent for an open dialog on the digital transformation at the re:publica Accra and include insights from across the globe. Be part and shape the global digital future!

As the main partner German Federal Ministry for Economic Cooperation and Development (BMZ) supports re:publica Accra and the Topic ‘Tech for Good’.