Victoria Wenzelmann
Beautiful Image of Victoria Wenzelmann

Victoria is one of the Co-Founders and Directors of GIG the Global Innovation Gathering, the global network of social and technological innovators. Her work revolves around connecting innovators and innovation ecosystems since she co-organized AfricaHackTrip, a journey of nine European web developers and designers to East Africa to connect local tech ecosystems. She has been organizing the GIG Makerspace at re:publica since 2016, featuring her Labmobile in both Berlin and Thessaloniki since 2017, and was an advisor on the Future of Work and Blockchain Topics at re:publica 2018.

As a Research Associate and PhD Candidate at the Department of Information Systems and New Media at the University of Siegen with M.A. degrees in Cultural Anthropology and African Sciences, she is interested in networks and ecosystems for social, political and technological innovation, (mobile) labs and learning rooms, and participatory design. Victoria has been a systemic organizational consultant since 2012 and an agile coach since 2014, and consults start-ups, established businesses and international organizations on innovation, digital development, agile product management and systemic organizational design - among others, in Germany, South Sudan, Kenya, Uganda, Botswana and Zimbabwe. Victoria regularly gives workshops on agile product management, team development, leadership and new forms of collaborative work. She writes the weekly column AppDate in the nationwide newspaper Frankfurter Rundschau.