Morisola Alaba

I’m a Legal officer at Media Rights Agenda an NGO that promote and protects freedom of expression, access to information, media development and digital rights through the use of multi-stakeholder approach. We joined in the campaign for a legislation on digital rights in Nigeria,which is a positive legislation that to promote and protect the right enjoyed in the offline environment online. MRA works at National, Regional and International Levels in the bid to ensure that these, among other human rights, are respected, enjoyed and protected against violations of any sort.

I am also a committee member as well as the advocacy assistance team lead for Digital Grassroots Ambassador (DIGRA). DIGRA is an organisation striving towards ensuring openness, security, privacy, web literacy and decentralization of the internet with a goal of increasing digital literacy among the young population (14-29) globally in order to promote their activity as stakeholders in the internet ecosystem at the most basic levels.