Dr. Carol Mathias-O'Chez

Dr. Carol Mathias-O’chez is an Educational Psychologist passionate about helping people thrive in all areas of their life. 

With a Doctorate and Masters in Educational Psychology and a Bachelor of Arts Psychology her in-depth knowledge of learning and teaching, based on developmental and psychological theories provides an understanding of how people think, learn and behave. 

She focuses on solution-focused therapy aimed at helping  children, teenagers, young adults and adults break unhealthy cycles, overcome trauma, unlearn negative thought patterns and thrive in all areas of their lives: personal growth, academically, professionally, family life, relationships and  friendships by equipping them with the tools to successfully self-manage, be independent, achieve their goals and thrive.  She is passionate about mental health awareness, changing the perceptions and stigma attached to mental health and demystifying therapy. 

She is currently the in-house psychologist at SOS-Hermann Gmeiner College, heading their Emotional Counselling Department. She has also worked with Ghana Christian International School, Accra College of Medicine. Newmont Akyem Development Fund. George State University and Educational Testing Service.