Stage 3
16:15 - 17:15
Innovators Unite! How to Hack your Way to Better Innovation Policies


What if the people affected by public policies were more involved in writing those policies? Explore the tools and tactics that innovators have been using to support innovation-friendly policy reform through the i4Policy alliance.


Innovators and entrepreneurs are experts in getting things done without waiting for governments. However, innovation friendly policy frameworks are necessary for innovators and entrepreneurs to maximize their impact potential. #i4Policy is a movement that aims to give innovation communities a constructive and engaged voice to support policymaking.

This session will share experiences from two years of policy hacking efforts. i4Policy will share an overview of it's methodology of policy reform--the innovation 4 policy process--and give an intro to the policy hackathons it has hosted in several countries. Members of the community will share brief case studies and experiences from Cote d'Ivoire, Mali, Nigeria, Rwanda and Senegal.

Then there will be an interactive presentation by the Smart Africa Secretariat, to learn about their ambitious plans and efforts to support the digital transformation agenda of the continent and how innovators and entrepreneurs can get involved. 

Finally, i4Policy will unveil an online consultation of its co-created policy manifesto that represents the policy vision of communities of more than half a million innovators across the continent.