Stage 1
11:45 - 12:15
House of Hashtags: Insights from Future MPs


In this session Nanjira Sambuli will interview Boniface Mwangi, who ran for Parliament in Kenya in 2017 and Kudzai M Mubaiwa who ran for council in Zimbabwe this year. We will learn about both candidate’s personal journey and motivation and how they have been trying to hack the political system in Kenya and Zimbabwe, through art, public protest and hashtags.


The session will highlight the major issues with democracy in Africa. Kudzai will focus on the post Mugabe Zimbabwe era and the role of the internet in recent elections, in particular how digital impacted voter registration, education, and engagement. She will examine the limiting factors of digital tools and platforms in the electoral process and debunk some myths regarding digital media and elections.

Boniface will share his use of art and digital media in driving social movements in Kenya as well as his experience with online and offline power games and hate speech. He will explain how to crowd fund for and run an issue based political campaign.

Together they will discuss different strategies to improve the democratic representation of young people and progressive ideas as well as how to leveraging technology in political processes to ensure maximum participation, efficiency and quality communication as well as improving collaboration.