Workshop Room
16:15 - 17:15
Community Networks: Increasing Participation in Public Dialogue


Affordable access to communication is of such value as a social and economic enabler that we need strategies that can embrace everyone. In order to have a meaningful conversation about options to reach the unconnected , we need better information on current telecommunications network development. Telecommunications has been overlooked as a sector to which transparency principles and Open Data policies might apply.


This session will gather a range of stakeholders in the Ghanaian internet and mobile ecosystem for an open discussion on transparency in the telecommunications sector.  The goal will be to share information about the current state of access to information about telecommunications infrastructure and to discuss how Open Data policies in this sector could contribute to a more enabling environments for community networks and small-scale operators in Ghana. The session will explore lessons learned from other Open Data initiatives and evaluate the potential simple, convincing campaign to get policy makers, regulators, and operators to embrace  Open Telecoms Data in Ghana.  

More background on Open Telecom Data can be found at