Focus Innovations

Focus Innovations(Winners of Generation Unlimited Challenge 2018 by UNICEF) 

With a vision to provide the general African populace with cutting edge tech solutions that makes life easier, safer and convenient.Focus Innovations have a Visual Aid that helps Visual Impaired Persons.

The Visual Aid device help visually impaired to navigate their immediate environs and give their caretakers real-time notifications on their status. In the near future, visually impaired will be able to navigate outdoor environments with little or no assistance.

Motivations behind is that visually impaired run into various accidents because of their condition .

The Visual Aid device takes advantage of several sensors and is programmed to detect obstacles and heated objects within the environs of the visually impaired . When a visually impaired individual using the Visual Aid device gets involved in an accident(Bumps into an obstacle or touches a heated object, or falls),a notification is sent via the cloud platform to the user application so that the caretaker of this visually impaired individual can duly respond .