13:00 - 13:30
Upcycling: Presentation of Interior, Exterior, Fashion and Sound Design made from E-waste

Short thesis

The E-Waste Lounge & Bar made with furniture and objects upcycled from E-Waste and a live jewelry creation from smelters and blacksmiths from Agbogbloshie will illustrate the craftsmanship and creativity of the scrap yard that is often overlooked. The lounge and bar will invite the participants to experience the potential from e-waste in a different way.


The Old Fadama Scrap Yard „Agbogbloshie“ is known worldwide as the flagship for improper recycling of E-Waste and its negative impacts on health and the environment. A rather undifferentiated picture has been painted and spread through media; marking electronic waste as a hazardous nuisance. It is essential to break with this one-sided depiction and present a more differentiated view of E-Waste in general and the skills to recycle it in Ghana in particular.

Matilda Haute Couture & Xtreme Upcycling is known for high quality up-cycling furniture and other objects, with materials being sourced in Agbogbloshie. They have been part of several upcycling exhibitions and their jewelry has been featured in Fashion Shows. They will be displaying a variety of their upcycled furniture such as cozy armchairs made from recycled car tyres, steel and iron fractions as well as chandeliers and bottle openers for the bar.

In addition to the E-Waste Lounge & Bar, there will be live E-Waste recycling in the form of jewelry creation. Professional smelters and blacksmiths from Agbogbloshie will use non-hazardous methods to mould bracelets and rings from old computers, TVs and printers. This brings with it a possibility for visitors to engrave their own jewelry and take home. This process involves no open fires or flames, but merely fanned ember and basic tools such as hammers, sandpaper and pliers.

This session is an ongoing activity that will take place continuously on both days outside of the venue.