12:30 - 13:00
Two Cities, One Prototype: Co-Creating from Accra to Kumasi

Short thesis

Bridging the tech-divide by re:connecting makers, educators and developers from prime cities and peripheral hubs. The session sheds light on the misconception of center and periphery by collaborating across the country. Two teams produce a functioning machine in two different locations collaboratively, showcasing a case demonstration for co-creation and distributed manufacturing.



Several initiatives are working on strategies to promote maker culture, DYI-strategies and technology-based entrepreneurship. This development only becomes possible in a closer cooperation of urban and rural actors. re:connect will contribute to a temporary maker space at re:publica Accra and is putting users and makers first!

A perpetual recycling machine for plastic waste into filament for 3D printed products will be built concurrently by two teams, Kumasi Hive in Kumasi and Developers in Vogue in Accra.
The team in Accra  manufactures the “brain” (software), which is physically built by another team in Kumasi. All materials are scraped from electronic waste. The challenge posed is that they have only 24 hours’ to finalize the prototype. On the second day, we join the “brain” produced in Accra with the physical machine in Kumasi. Does it work?

A group of moderators broadcasts the event online from both places and enables a larger audience outside the re:publica to actively participate in this real-time co-creation.

The session will result  in the production of a functioning tool that highlights the challenges of collaboration, the co-benefits and the feasibility of electronic waste recycling/refurbishing.

This session is an ongoing activity that will take place continuously on both days at the Makerspace.