Stage 3
17:30 - 18:30
True Story…? Join the News Verification Quiz Show!

Short thesis

All of us are challenged by fake news and disinformation spreading online. On social media posts can spread like wildfire – but how can users verify if what they see or read is actually true? „True story ...?“, a verification quiz show, is coming to re:publica Accra to shed some light on the darkness.


Journalists and media professionals rely on online sources for their work but they struggle with fake news and disinformation on the internet. Recent findings from Ghana’s first media and literacy trainings show that even school teachers have difficulties to distinguish between fake and fact. If this poses a challenge to the educators – it becomes a problem for the students as well.

The concept of this "serious game" combines informative, as well as competitive aspects. The quizmaster presents a series of text passages, photos and videos – and the gamers vote if it’s fake or true on the quiz-app. They are allowed to use their smartphones to verify the information they get. The participants can build teams or play individually in an atmosphere that is something between a quiz-show and a pub-quiz. The results of each vote will be shown on a big screen for the participants to discuss. The quiz master, who is an experienced journalist, will be accompagnied by a verification coach. He will follow up with advices on how to identify disinformation and fake news and will give insights into latest technologies and techniques to verify information and content on the internet.