Creators Studio
16:15 - 16:45
Revolution Radio: How the Podcast Became Ghana's Most Progressive Media Space

Short thesis

Although podcasting remains a relatively niche market in Ghana, it has witnessed a recent explosion through which it has emerged as a means for progressive Ghanaian voices to bypass mainstream, largely conservative media gatekeepers.

As both participants and researchers in this emerging scene, Eli Tetteh and Kobby Ankomah-Graham chart the rise and potential of the podcast as a space for Ghanaian counterculture.


Radio is arguably the most popular media format in Ghana, listened to by millions of Ghanaians of all demographics. Despite the sheer proliferation of stations on air, Ghanaian radio is largely controlled by gatekeepers who are either culturally conservative or who view themselves as beholden to conservative audiences. This often leads to the exclusion of younger, more progressive voices on Ghana's airwaves.

Our session will share the results of our research into the rise of the podcast format as a new platform for young progressive Ghanaian voices, enabling them to find each other and share ideas that have historically not been given much space in mainstream radio.

Through interviews with many of the main players in this rising media space, we will chart the recent explosion of podcasting in Ghana, mapping out characteristics that participants often share in common, painting a picture of who they are, what they aspire to do, how they operate, how they see themselves fitting into the Ghanaian media landscape, and how they are changing their society.