Stage 3
11:15 - 12:15
The Power of Unlearning in Reimagining the Future

Short thesis

Join us in a provoking discussion about new institutional models for the transition we want to see in society. What things, ways of doing and thinking do we have to unlearn in order to reimagine the future? In this session we will share different approaches from creative hubs across Africa, Europe and Latin America on their strategies and approaches to foster creativity, arts, social integration and entreuprenership from a perspective of permanent processes of learning and unlearning.


In this session you will listen to 3 different experiences all of them connected to translocal and internetional networks working in the edge of arts, entrepreneurship and creativity: Instituto Procomum (Brazil), Guerrilla Foundation (Europe), and Nubuke Foundation (Ghana). Georgia Nicolau, Bianca Manu and Ivan March, with the moderation of Asmaa Guedira (Marocco) will share their reflections and (un)lernings in building hybrid institutions; the importance of tradition and innovation and the use of technology; different layers of networks and communities and an ecosystemic approach to sustainability.