Creators Studio
12:30 - 13:30
Pop-Up Recording Studio 3.0

Short thesis

The Creator Studio's Pop-Up Recording Studio is brought to you by abantu+.
It is about forward music creation incorporating digital and analogue as well as traditional and non-traditional influence.
Because new technologies equally bear chances and challenges for music creatives, we attempt to playfully introduce, encourage and showcase advantages of digital creation while maintaining a touch of analogue.


How do producers make beats?
How much of today's "computerized" music production is actually human made?
How do you properly balance analogue and digital influence in your creative process?

Come by our Pop-Up Recording Studio to look for answers and even more questions. Let's spark your inner musician you may not even know you had and explore music production, creative process and collaboration. 

The Studio is brought to you by abantu+ - a Ghana based initiative by creatives for creatives. La Cris and betina quest will be your specialists on site. As professional and active musicians we are happy to introduce you to our world allowing you to produce and record your very own, original beats. All ages and skill levels are welcome and encouraged to join the jam !!

This session is an ongoing activity that will take place continuously on both days at the Creators Studio.