Creators Studio
13:45 - 14:45
Music Workshop - Going 'Round In Circles: Repetition Is Power

Short thesis

Going 'Round in Circles is brought to you by abantu+.
The workshop explores the Loop Station - an unordinary music instrument bridging the gap between analogue and digital music creation.
Although it has been around for a while, it is unfamiliar to many. But we are about to change that.


La Cris and betina quest are looking forward to Going 'Round In Circles with you!

Because new technologies equally bear chances and challenges for us music creatives, we attempt to playfully introduce, encourage and showcase advantages of digital creation while maintaining a touch of analogue. As we aim to incorporate both digital and analogue based music making we find the Loop Station to be an excellent teacher. For several years, it has been an enhancing asset to our live performance set up. 

The Boss RC 505 is a semi digital - semi analogue music instrument embodying both simplicity and complexity, limitation and exploration, challenge and channel. We want to introduce you to the basics of the Loop Station and allow you to try it for yourselves. 

All ages and skill levels are welcome and encouraged to join the jam !!