Stage 1
21:00 - 23:00
Evening Music and Cultural Programme

Short thesis

Todays's entertainment scene is characterised by big stage concerts/shows, Millions of fans in the stands & a great gulf between artist and the art lover. While social media has created a closer interactive field for the two parties, fans still have limited access to Artist.
Jive explored this social need of the creative consumer and came up with a great solution. One night where fans get to intimately experience a range of talented and diverse acts in a live, interactive and unplugged session.


JiVE is a 2-hour intimate live show that features singers, spoken word poets, standup comedians, instrumentalists, etc, and a headline musical act. A guest DJ/Live band is made available to support the acts. Creative use of space and allowance for diverse stagecraft elements vary depending on what can be accommodated by the venue.

Target Number of Poets/Slammers: Ten(10)
Number of Guest Poets: Five (5)
Scoring of Poetry Slam Participants: There will be 3 rounds and 5 judges with score tags ranging from 1-10. After each individual performances, the judges raise their score tags and the score master drops one highest and one lowest then tallies up whatever is left.
The time duration of each performance is two minute thirty seconds, 2 points will be deducted should a performer exceed the time limit.