Stage 2
14:15 - 14:45
Goodbye Clickworker - Hello Robot? The Future of Work

Short thesis

The panel will address issues around how automatisation and robotics will affect the future of labour and workers rights in the gig economy and will attempt to answer the questions: How do we want to model future societies that may not be as labour focussed as ours are today? And how is the informal sector is affected by these developments?


At the beginning of the session Dr. Paul Mungai will present the latest findings of the Fair.Work This project seeks to understand how platform-based work in South Africa might be falling short from decent work standards, and is solely and wholly focused on action research to improve the developmental impacts of digital work platforms by improving employment context, employment and work conditions of developing country gig workers.

Following, the speakers will debate how to move toward a digital renaissance where humanity can benefit from the technological advancements and decoupling of labour and income instead of subservient to the owners of AI, robots and digital platforms.