Workshop Room
12:30 - 13:30

Short thesis

We believe that games - and the spirit of play in general – have a role in education and the pursuit of technological advancement in emerging nations. We've discovered during campus demonstrations of work-in-progress games by our Computer Science students that visitors - young and old alike - give us great feedback, learn some of the techniques and have fun at the same time. This session of "Game-ocracy" promises participation, insight, learning and fun.


Two or three teams of student game-developers will briefly describe their game projects and then (simultaneously) demo their games as works-in-progress - open to playing by workshop participants. Feedback, ideas for new levels and fresh narratives will be gratefully accepted. Through this, participants will learn more about the design and computational tools that go into making games. At the same time, participants will generate fresh ideas collaboratively about the direction of the particular games on show and games in Africa in general.