Stage 1
17:30 - 18:00
In the Eye of the Beholder? Beauty Norms, Capital, and the Digital Space

Short thesis

This session will address beauty norms and transgressions, their (digital) representations and the cultural & political prisms that shape our aesthetic choices.


From sartorialism to makeup, hairstyles to cosmetic surgery — beauty can be an eternal pursuit. But who gets to define the standards we’re aspiring to? Where are our aesthetic canons rooted? What traditions, traumas and collective memories lie behind our beauty practices?

Beauty is political — but it can also be a mean of self expression, a proud affirmation of one’s identity. Trends can be appropriated and turned around; norms can be rejected. Is beauty less restrictive in the digital space? Or does it give eurocentrism even more power? Mukhtara Yusuf and Darlyne Komukama will address colonialism, capitalism, hyper-consumerism and their effects on how we see each other and ourselves, on and offline.

Join us for an enlightening and pertinent conversation.