Stage 3
18:00 - 18:30
Disrupting Financial Power Structures - African FinTech

Short thesis

Ideally, the Internet decentralises communication and breaks down information monopolies. Can it do the same for financial flows? From mobile payment to innovations such as crowdfunding to cryptocurrencies that rewrite trust models of transactions, there are a multitude of ways technology is impacting on finance – FinTech seems to be able to transform existing power structures for the good.


The session will give an overview of the state of FinTech and digital currencies in Africa; it will discuss how to connect with mobile money systems as well as the more overarching issue of financial independence and global interoperability, including overcoming being cut off still from international financial services and overcoming colonial financial structures like the Franc-CFA.

Are we really facing a better future for global finance? Can FinTech contribute to improving Africa’s access to global markets through digital currencies, payments and transfers?