Stage 2
17:30 - 18:30
Disrupting Conferences: The Art of Hosting Events that Matter

Short thesis

In a world saturated with information, how do you provide space for people to explore ideas without boring speeches and presentations? How do you encourage alternative thinking and creative approaches on key business, socio-cultural and tech issues in countries like Ghana where critical thinking is systematically ignored or Germany where panels at tech conferences and text heavy power point slides are still the norm?


In this discussion, the founders of re:publica will discuss with the founders of Circumspecte and For the Love of Fufu how to create meaningful events that result in action, agenda setting and change of mindset.

How do you create such spaces and experiences in an events landscape filled with long speeches? How do you encourage alternative and creative approaches to learning in countries like Ghana with limited educational opportunities for soft and business skills? How do you invite ‘other’ thinking through creativity? How do you spur real interaction both online and offline?

These questions will be debated and experiences in hosting, funding and building communities around events in Ghana and Germany will be exchanged.