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Short thesis

Internet users especially at-risk groups such as human rights defenders, women, children LGBTI in several African countries face regular online and offline threats and attacks from state and non-state actors. Whereas safety tools can be crucial in securing their communications, enhancing mobilisation, and effectuating support systems, there is often a low level of digital safety skills among the at-risk users.


With increasing digital connectivity among the at-risk users comes new threats, unless they embrace diligent digital safety practices and adhere to them. Poor digital security skills, including on social media, have often resulted in blackmail and extortion of members of the community, and in cyber harassment, and sometimes physical attacks.

 Drawing on research and the experiences of individuals that work to secure at-risk users, the digsec clinic will this seek to examine critical internet users’ ICT behaviour and practices that pose risks to them; and share experiences on building mechanisms to support at-risk activists and critical users in a coordinated, multi-faceted manner, e.g. security support, legal support, awareness raising, and digital security support.  The hub is seeks to provide where participants at the re:publica can learn about current digital security tools they can use to secure their online information.