Stage 1
11:15 - 12:15
Built to Measure - Cities of the Future

Short thesis

This session will examine how digital technologies can improve urban lives and make urban development fairer and more participatory, from address systems, to architecture to access to resources in urban contexts.


The session will unite different perspectives on how digitization will impact on urban spaces and lives, how cities of the future can be designed and built in order to make them equal, livable spaces instead of creating divides between rich and poor, rural and urban, populations. This panel discussion will build upon a keynote delivered by Sename Koffi Agbodjinou on how  the maker movement and hacker ethics can contribute to democratizing African architecture, for example through open source maps, CNC machines and 3D printing. How can such technologies contribute to the emancipation and decolonization of African cities, which are already engaged in the most frenetic urbanization in the world.