Agbogbloshie: A Multimedia Installation

Short thesis

Over the last years, there has been a common depiction of the Old Fadama scrap yard in Accra, internationally better known as "Agbogbloshie" as a place of hazardous processing of E-Waste. Correlating to the panel discussion "Agbogbloshie: Discovering Value in E-Waste through Innovation", the exhibition aims to authentically showcase various activities on the scrap yard and highlight the potential discovered by Ghana's creative changemakers: a resource pool for social development and innovation.


In spite of the manifold activities taking place there, the Old Fadama scrap yard in Accra, Ghana, has in recent years become a worldwide synonym for unsustainable processing of waste from electric and electronic equipment (E-Waste) in the informal sector. In reality, the scrap and recycling cluster in Old Fadama is a complex system, turning waste into resources. The informal sector dismantles end-of-life appliances, extracting diverse valuable materials that are turned into new products, spare parts or secondary raw materials.

This opportunity has also been identified by Entrepreneurs, students of STEM fields and artists all over Ghana. These changemakers aim to explore the potential of working with E-Waste from Agbogbloshie; turning it into drones, 3D printers or upcycled art. These innovative products will be showcased during an exhibition, highlighting the potential of E-Waste as a resource for new innovative products.

The photo exhibition will be displayed at the Makerspace at re:publica Accra.