Stage 2
16:15 - 17:15
Agbogbloshie: Discovering Value of E-Waste through Innovation

Short thesis

A panel discussion about the infamous Old Fadama Scrap Yard, commonly known as Agbogbloshie, and its potential as a resource pool for social development. The Ministry of Environment, Science, Technology & Innovation will invite a diverse group of stakeholders from backgrounds such as Innovation, Creation and Anthropology to discuss their different experiences in using E-Waste as a resource. They will controversially discuss future scenarios that promote digital solutions with social added value.


Growing prosperity in Ghana has enhanced technological advancement and helped to narrow the digital gap with developed countries. These changing consumption patterns, in addition to lack of sustainable and environmentally sound recycling systems in Ghana are leading to an increase in the volumes of E–Waste in the country. This causes numerous health and environmental problems.

But while E-Waste is considered a serious problem by many, Entrepreneurs and Upcyclers have also identified it as an opportunity. Countless materials and spare parts are refurbished and resold in Agbogbloshie, turning it into a cluster of scrap recycling and reuse. New innovative technology is being produced using valuable parts of obsolete devices that have previously been discard by their owner.

During this panel discussion, we will explore the potential of E-Waste as a resource for new innovative products and the role of the Old Fadama scrap yard as a place of resource-mining. The Ministry of Science, Technology and Innovation has selected insightful and controversial stakeholders to discuss the possibilities in E-Waste recycling, upcycling and reusing and give valuable impulses about how we can turn the challenges related to recycling activities in the informal sector into potentials for social development and innovation.