The #rpAccra programme schedule is here!


Photo credit: re:publica/Gregor Fischer CC BY 2.0

We're counting the days! It's just two more weeks until our first re:publica in Accra. Are you just as excited to find out when our speakers will be appearing and what else will be happening in Accra? Then take a look at our incredible programme schedule for #rpAccra!

We can hardly believe it ourselves, it seems like it was only yesterday: three months ago, over 240 submissions were received after our Call for Participation in the first Ghanaian edition of re:publica. The ideas we received ranged from exciting topics like open data and fake news verification to digital art and Afrofuturism. The programme team and curators of the respective tracks read and considered each submission carefully.

re:publica is a festival for digital transformation, which brings together digital enthusiasts from all around the world. Under the motto of the re:publica Accra – NEXT LEVEL – and together with the community, speakers and submissions of our partners, we have curated a programme which takes discourse to the next level and sets new focuses. We want to explore uncharted territory and shed light on complex ideas in order to challenge ourselves and to ensure we always have fun learning from one another. After all: Next Level means forward-thinking and acting, as well as facilitating changes.

We are proud to present the schedule for re:publica Accra to you!

In order to keep you up to date, also on site, we will be diligently reporting via our social media channels from Accra. Follow us on twitter and facebook! You are also warmly invited to join our official WhatsApp group.

But first things first: have fun with your own schedule planning – here is the re:publica Accra programme schedule!

We look forward to welcoming you!