re:publica Accra: Next Level


Photo credit: re:publica / Jan Michalko (CC BY-SA 2.0)

re:publica Accra: Taking re:publica to the next level.

next level [adjective] 
something above average, different, elevated. 

To us, going next level means thinking forward, taking action, and driving change. re:publica is a festival for digital transformation that brings together thought leaders, innovators, activists, and generally amazing people from across the world. We will host next level discourses and set agendas with our event. We want to explore unknown spaces, complex ideas, challenge ourselves and have a great time learning from each other. 

The next level comes with some questions: what digital future do we want to live in? How do we prepare ourselves for it and how do we get there? We will explore how digital technologies are changing governments, media, business, and arts through next level keynotes, next level workshops and next level networking opportunities. We will look at emerging technologies and at trends in digital media. The broad range of topics includes: next level ideas to create access, advocate for digital rights, use tech for good, next level data usage, waste management, business strategies and gender equality.

We aim to host an event where you and us will meet, discover new concepts and technologies as well as learn from another, co-create and contribute to taking the digital future to the next level together. As we are re:publica we also just want to hang out with you and explore your next level dance moves.