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The programme for re:publica Accra is curated with a team of experts based in Ghana, Kenya and Zimbabwe. Each curator heads one of our tracks: Politics and Society, Arts and Culture, Business and Innovation, Science and Education as well as Media and Journalism.

Together with our partners at the Impact Hub Accra, we selected leading experts in these fields who bring a wealth of experience curating and speaking at events, are well networked in online communities and act as public spokespersons in their area of expertise. Three of the curators are based in Ghana to ensure our programme is locally relevant and meaningful and will benefit our visitors, two of them are based in other African countries to make sure our programme also includes a pan-African perspective.  

This is our wonderful curators-team for #rpAccra:

Politics and Society - Nanjira Sambuli
Arts and Culture - Ann Modey
Business and Innovation - Kudzai M Mubaiwa
Science and Education - Jorge Appiah
Media and Journalism - Sandister Tei