Mindfulness at #rpAccra's Health Lounge

The Health Lounge presents health in times of digital technologies and interconnectedness in a fascinatingly wide spectrum. Hosted by Impact Hub Accra, this lounge will provide space for the well-being of our participants and exploration of topics at the intersection of health and technology. At the Health Lounge you can explore wellness-based tech products, health AI, along with a quiet place to rest, yoga classes, and healthy snacks from local entrepreneurs. The lounge will host meetups and discussions debating various aspects of how digitisation leaves its marks on the realms of (quantified) health and health services, and the opportunities and risks that these developments have for people and their bodies, medical data & ethics and self-care in the digital age.

Programme Day 1 | Programme Day 2

Check out a few of the hands-on sessions around health across both days:


Careables: Open Source Health Hardware | Ideation Session

In a brainstorming session at #rpAccra, ehealth makers, care professionals and patients attending the conference will come together to find answers around some of the following questions:

  • What are challenges you face every day as a patient or care professional?
  • What are solutions you would like to build - but don't know how?
  • How could you use your existing makerspace to foster exchange and collaboration in health and care?



Music Therapy | Improving Health through Traditional Ghanaian Music

Join a music therapy session that aims to improve Health through Traditional Ghanaian Music. This session features traditional Ghanaian instruments and explores the role music can play in improving health. Experience a music therapy session featuring a local Ghanaian musician - using voice and/or instruments to enhance healing and health. https://accra18.re-publica.com/en/session/music-therapy-improving-health-through-traditional-ghanaian-music


Mental Health | Exploring Ghanaian IT Solutions

Mental health in sub-Saharan Africa is one of the top emerging focus areas for public health professionals. But how do mental health services bypass cultural barriers? And how does this work to scale? Join in as we share two local Ghanaian tech solutions to a health challenge kept quiet for too long. https://accra18.re-publica.com/en/session/mental-health-exploring-ghanaian-it-solutions


The Artist and Mental Health: An Open Discussion and Film Exhibition

While visiting the Health Lounge, experience the film exhibition and open discussion around "The Artist and Mental Health". This discussion seeks to raise awareness about the modern day African artist their emotional and mental health. It seeks to trigger thought and discussion around safe spaces for mental health discussion, establishing a collaborative definition of what mental health looks like to each individual artist and building a network of African artist who will support and encourage each other. 



Sexual and Reproductive Health | Community Conversation

Join a community conversation all around sexual and reproductive health, facilitated by young people and health professionals. Ages 16+