Tidiani Togola
Founder & CEO

Tidiani TOGOLA is a specialist in Information and Communication Technologies (ICT) committed to strengthening development and democracy in Africa.
Alumni of the NED's Reagan Fascell Fellowship program in Washington DC, Tidiani is the Founder of Tuwindi, a non-profit civic-tech organization that supports socio-economic development, good governance, democracy and the rule of law in Africa through the use of TIC.
For 6 years Tidiani has designed and managed several Telehealth projects and has been involved in developing national policies for his development as Technical Director of the National Agency for Telehealth and Medical Informatics in Mali.
Since 2010 Tidiani has been using digital technologies to strengthen democracy, governance and citizenship in Africa. He has developed web and SMS applications that allow impartial and real-time monitoring of elections in Mali, Côte d'Ivoire, Benin, Burkina Faso. The innovative nature of his work has attracted the attention of international organizations, including the National Democratic Institute (USA), One World UK and the Open Society Initiative Foundation (USA), who are asking him to develop technological solutions for citizen participation and governance system optimization in Africa.
Tidiani was the winner of the project "Citizen Connection" where he set up a web application and SMS "MonElu" in order to increase citizen participation and strengthen the accountability of elected officials by allowing people to communicate with them and control their actions.