DJ Raph (Raphael Kariuki)
DJ Raph

DJ Raph is an electronic musician, producer and DJ from Nairobi, Kenya. His music is a deep melange of modern electronic bass music, african chants and traditional rhythms.
In his productions he works with field recordings from different African cultures, always in search of a greater understanding.

The respect that DJ Raph has for a broad African cultural heritage is deeply visceral and palpable in his music. Long samples allow the field recordings to breathe, to open up an innovative and vital electronic soundscape. His work is a considered homage to the traditions which he borrows from.

"Sacred Groves" his album debut creates a timeless musical universe, that is both ancient and futuristic;  It is fundamentally not kitsch or clichéd. Sacred Groves emerges from weeks of research in the extensive music archive of the Iwalewahaus (Bayreuth) as part of the "Mashup The Archive" residency program.