Thomas Tagoe
Science Communicator

Dr. Thomas Tagoe is a neuroscientist, science communicator and the Co-founder of GhScientific, an organisation focused on building capacity in the STEM through public engagement and outreach activities.

Thomas has taken the stage at multiple national and international conferences to present his research with media features on platforms such as BBC and CNN.. Through GhScientific, he has a history of collaborating with fellow researchers and innovators, securing funds to run programmes such as the SHAPE Project, Science Barcamp and the International Biology Olympiad for senior high school students. This work with GhScientific led to a British Council Social Impact Award in 2018.

Thomas is the regional secretary of the Ghana Science Association and produces The Horizon radio show on StarrFM, the only morning radio show dedicated to conversations around science. He is also the founding Public Relations Officer of the Ghana Neuroscience Society. As a scientists and a Presbyterian Junior Youth teacher, Thomas is a firm believer that science and faith are two sides of the same coin.