Afua (Fu) Asiedu
Copywriter | Poet | Rapper

My name is Afua K. Asiedu, but I’m usually known as Fu. I’m Ghanaian, 27
years old and inspired.

All I’ve ever really wanted to do is create art the
best way I know. And so I spend my days creating content and copywriting,
and my nights rapping, singing, writing and performing on stage.

I performed on the Moonlight Café stage – a platform for tertiary students
to showcase their poetic and musical abilities – for three years. I also
worked as part of the staff, coaching and guiding new spoken word acts.
The team toured the three main campuses in Ghana: (Kwame Nkrumah
University of Science and Technology (Kumasi), University of Ghana (Accra)
and University of Cape Coast (Cape Coast).

Off that stage, I found a new home as a JIVE LiVE performer.
My writing follows me on my journey through life so my themes tend to be
personally reflective. The aim is to maybe reach someone else who doesn’t
have the words to express whatever they are going through in life and hopefully
give them some clarity.