Rosebell Kagumire

Rosebell is a writer, award-winning blogger, communications strategist and pan-African feminist. She has expertise in media, gender, peace and conflict issues. She's a social-political commentator and has worked for various Ugandan media outlets. Her work appears in international media like The Guardian, Al Jazeera, Quartz. She's also an author for Global Voices, platform by an international community of writers, bloggers and digital activists. She was honored with the Anna Guèye  2018 award for her contribution to digital democracy, justice and equality on the African continent by Africtivistes, a network of African activists for democracy. Rosebell is also communications officer for Women's Link World, an international organization which uses the law to bring about social change.

The World Economic Forum recognized Rosebell as one of the Young Global Leaders under the age of 40 in 2013 for her advocacy on social justice issues and media representation of African. Rosebell has used new media tools to document and advocate for women’s rights in situations of armed conflict. She holds a Masters in Media, Peace and Conflict Studies from United Nations-mandated University for Peace in Costa Rica. She studied Nonviolent Conflict at The Fletcher School of Law and Diplomacy, Tufts University. Rosebell attained her Bachelors in Mass Communication from Makerere University. She's a formidable voice for women's rights and her writing at African Feminism bring out stories on the struggle for gender equality. Find her on Twitter @RosebellK