Ekow Mbrah Otchere

Ekow Mbrah Otchere is a young gentleman who is very passionate about music, art and nature. He has a degree in psychology and geography from the university of Ghana, legon. He started his music journey in his early years and picked up the saxophone in the year 2011. He gained his inspiration from artists like Gyedu Blay Ambolley, Kirk Whalum, Kenny G, Fela Kuti, Don Williams, Dave Coz and many musicians who play jazz, country music, afropop, RNB, hi- life and other genres. He has shared the stage with great musicians like Gyedu Blay Ambulley, Ben Brako, Bessa Simmons, Sena Dagadu, Steve Bedi and many more known faces in the Gospel circle. He has also worked on songs for many artists in Ghana and beyond. He is creative, artistic and very realistic. He aims to stay relevant in the music and art industry and inspire other musicians.